Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use include the AnyTimeMaid.in Privacy Statement AnyTimeMaid.in which is incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference. By using AnyTimeMaid.in, You are indicating your acceptance to be bound by these Terms of Use, including the AnyTimeMaid.in Privacy Statement.

In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions under the Terms of Use and the AnyTimeMaid.in Privacy Statement, the provisions under the Terms of Use will prevail.

1)     Registration charges - INR 1000/-. (refundable)


2)     Service Charges - 1 month's salary of the maid + 18% GST.


3)     In case you aren't satisfied with the services of the selected maid, you can get upto 3 replacements for 11 months, provided the reason of the client to discontinue the services of the existing maid is genuine.


4)     If you want to cancel the contract during this 11-month period for any reason, service charges will not be refunded.


5)     The salary of the maid/candidate will have to paid by the client.


6)     Our service charge clear within 10 days after date of joining of the candidate (by providing a post-dated cheque).


7)     You should describe/mention the tasks that candidate/maid would be required to do as a part of his/her job. After joining, compliance of the maid to do additional tasks can't be guaranteed. But fret not, we shall assist you in that and ensure that all your requirements are met.


8)     In case maid is absent due to health-related issues/family emergency, we can’t provide replacement. However, even in such cases if the candidate does not join within 10 days you can ask for replacement. In case we not able to give you a replacement within 7 days post the 15 days deadline, you can cancel our contract. In such a case, a credit note of the entire amount will be issued and you can use it in future for any kind of service form Anytimemaid.in.


9)     The salary expectation of the maid’s keeps changes, so it may not be possible to provide the maid in same salary as the previous one, so you(client) have to increase your salary budget. In case if not increase your salary budget then contract will cancel.    



10) We strongly advise the client himself to get the police verification of the maid done at the earliest. We do the background check, but we aren't an investigative or enforcement agency and hence our precautions can't be a replacement for a police verification.


11) We take all the precautions on our part. However, anytimemaid.in can't be held liable for any legal disputes arising out of the conduct between the maid and the client.


12) We check only candidates back ground, documents and other details. But medical examination is not our duty. We plan to include this facility in the near future.


13) A copy of the documents ascertaining the identity of the maid will be given to the client after the service charges and related charges have been credited to anytimemaid.in 


14) If you don’t like the maid kindly give a 15 days’ notice before relieving the maid of his/her duties and you must clear her/his dues.


15) Anytimemaid.in will not be responsible for any advance payment done to maid by client.


16) The client should check the purse, bag etc that the candidate is carrying before the candidate enter the house and before the candidates leaves the house. This is the for safety of the client.


17) If the candidates leave due to any such reason (tortured, mental or physical harassment by the client) Anytimemaid.in will neither replace the candidate or nor refund service charges.


18) The payment must be in favour of Anytimemaid.in


19) All disputes are subject to Uttar Pradesh Jurisdiction only.


20) Regards Anytimemaid team